The world ends, Godzilla begins.

All Artwork Copyright Olivier SILVEN.

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Video Game fan art by Patrick Bown (part 1)


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Amada stickers, scanned by Caffwin on LiveJournal.

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stares off in2 the distance and whispers……stardust crusaders anime tomorrow……..

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Jamie xx - Sleep Sound

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1. Saffron” — Contains a sample from “Hogin’ Machine” by Les Baxter, from the Hell’s Belles soundtrack. Produced by MF DOOM

2. Arrow Root” — Produced by MF DOOM

3. Zatar” — Produced by MF DOOM. Contains a sample from “Been
So Long” by Anita Baker

4. Fenugreek” — Produced by MF DOOM

5. Sumac Berries” — Produced by MF DOOM

6. Coriander” — Produced by MF DOOM

7. Shallots” — Produced by DJ Subroc

8. Charnsuka” — Contains a sample from “Vykkii” by Isaac Hayes. Produced by MF DOOM

9. Monosodium Glutamate” — Contains a sample from “One Hundred Ways” by Quincy Jones, from the album The Dude. Produced by MF DOOM

10. Red #40” Contains a sample from “Rocket In The Pocket” by Cerrone. Produced by MF DOOM.

11. Nettle Leaves” — Contains samples from “It’s a New Day” by Skull Snaps, from the album Skull Snaps, and from “Eastern Market” by Yusef Lateef, from the album Yusef Lateef’s Detroit. Produced by MF DOOM

12. Mullein” — Contains a sample from the Episode of Dragon Ball Z anime, entitled, More Androids?.

13. Mugwort” — Contains a sample from “Hangin’ On” by Coke Escovedo from the album Comin’ at Ya. Produced by MF DOOM

14. All Spice” — Produced by MF DOOM

15. Lovage” — Contains a sample from “True Love” by Faze-O. Produced by MF DOOM

16. Eucalyptus” — Contains a sample from “Maiden Voyage” by Jon Lucien from the album Song For My Lady. Produced by MF DOOM

17.Myrrh” — Contains samples from “Friends” by Whodini, from the album Escape and from “Friends and Strangers” by Ronnie Laws, from the album Friends And Strangers.
Produced by MF DOOM

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Birth By Sleep : Final Battles

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soldiers - Linda Cube Again (PSX - Alfa System - 1997)

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A eulogy for World of Darkness, written by (and for) a White Wolf fan

The executive producer of World of Darkness, Chris McDonough, looked uncomfortable. CCP fans and a few members of the press had just seen a presentation showing some of the game’s technology and were given a few details about the ideas that would drive the title. We were warned not to take images of the content or share video. We were told the game was years away. Our expectations had been tempered by any number of disclaimers.

"My role is to minimize the PR. I don’t want to support it. I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t want that video up, and we’ll try to get it taken down and if pops up anywhere," McDonough told me. I asked why they had shown anything.

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Why does Bike Rider DX2 have Crayon Shin-chan DLC? ⊟

Whatever the reason for a totally unrelated anime/manga character in a bike racing game, it’s pretty cute. The DLC is out now in Japan; still waiting on this eShop game elsewhere – the latest estimate is sometime in May.

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PS4: SHAREfactory App

Offers easy video-editing tools and effects to let you share your greatest moments, your way. Effortlessly combine, personalize, and share your favorite game footage with commentary, music, themes, and more. Once you’ve created your perfect cut, post it directly to your Facebook profile or save to a USB drive and upload your video to the world.

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Two new screens of Fable Legends

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make me choose : Journey or Flower [requested by anon]

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